Expanded capture functionality

I thought I’d begin this thread to move the discussion from the Org-roam major redisign thread, as there has been some interest in the redesign thread (OK, mainly just from me and @nobiot so far) in discussing @d12frosted 's approach to capturing org-roam items. Might be easier to separate the discussion, and perhaps this can evolve into some sort of plug-in package or approach in future.

For some context, I’d definitely recommend reading through @d12frosted blog on the subject.

We all have different use cases in mind when it comes to org-roam, but there is also some overlap it would seem.

In my self-centred view of how I’d like to see some the org-roam ecosystem evolve, I can imagine something like context switching in mu4e, where we can set up various templates to assist us in capturing data in a meaningful way to assist us professionally, academically and in our other pursuits of knowledge.

Being able to context switch to isolate a silo is useful, but what I feel would also be useful is to have some kind of filter capability, so you can combine the various silos for a unified view if desired. Again, think of mu4e search and filters here to get a sense of what I’m imagining. A unified inbox when appropriate, but also very simple to switch to a single account to focus in.

Having said all that, this is just some thoughts on a concept - nothing really concrete.

I like how @d12frosted has described his meeting capture workflow. In addition with @nobiot concept, I think the meeting idea would be a useful model to discuss how this may look. In theory, that ‘model’ could then be expanded to various other templates/contexts that can be customised as the user desires.


@snappahead , Not directly engaging the topic (sorry) but allow me to say this. This is a beautiful way to spin off a topic and start a new thread. Your language is skillfully composed to set the context and clarify the intent… Thank you. I learned a lot by just reading this post—something I would like to emulate.


Hey, just wanted to say that I still remember about this. I will describe in details capture process I am using, I am getting closer to it :slight_smile: Was busy with migrating all my tools around org-roam to V2 and I must say, not looking back anymore.

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Shared some information on my flow in Task management with org-roam Vol. 7: Capture Please let me know if you have any questions. And thanks for reading :slight_smile: