How do I Rollover TODOs?

First post.
I have used emacs for many years and recently got into roam via Obsidian and now moving fully into org-roam.

One thing I like about Obsidian dailies is that there is a way to rollover TODOs from one day to the next.
So if you have any incomplete checkboxes, they are pasted into a Backlog section the following day (See 1).

I am wondering if this makes sense to do in org-roam or if there is a better way to do this.

I have used org-capture to write to a file in the past, but was wondering if I could create a template that links to that file or what is the recommended way in org-roam to do this.

Sorry if this is too basic but I am new to org-roam.

  1. Obsidian Rollover Todos

I use Org-journal for this. It has a “carry over” function.

Couple more questions.
Can you integrate it with org-roam? How?
Can I still use something like org-roam’s dailies capture templates?

For capture templates, I’d follow this part of Org-journal README and use org-capture (not org-roam-capture).

For the “integration” question, the answer would be yes but I don’t think it will help you. What sort of integration do you envisage?

For me TODO’s are always completely separate from notes. To me, there is clear separation of doing (TODO) and thinking (writing/editing notes). If I want to use what I wrote in a TODO entry for any notes, I would just copy-and-paste into a note (either newly created or adding to existing one).

That is a type of integration (manual). I don’t think that’s the type of integration you meant.

Org-roam nodes (file or headline) are just Org files or headlines with IDs in org-roam-directory. If you want a headline in a journal to be a node, you can add an ID and save the file. Maybe call org-roam-db-sync manually.

I write daily notes in a journal and as I write I type TODOs. I also link to other pages and find the backlinking very useful.

Can I do that with org-journal + org-roam? Or should I just use org-roam?

This was the suggestion for Org-journal + Org-roam. Functionally, this should work. See if it feels right for you.

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