Org-roam-dailies: move previous day's TODOs

Has anyone figured out how to implement the org-journal feature where TODOs from the previous day will be moved to the current day when creating a new file? I think org-roam-daily seems to mirror a lot of org-journal functionality – did I overlook something in the documentation?

Thank you!

As far as I know this functionality is not present in org-roam dailies. For my use case, this TODO forwarding was not ideal anyway, so I implemented this method: [TIPS] dynamically add Org-roam files to your agenda file

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With v2, we’re looking at integrating TODOs, especially for generating agenda-views. As a result, I’ll probably be adapting org-roam-dailies to support the moving of TODOs to the current day as org-journal does. This is fairly low-priority, though.

any news on this? I am looking for the exact same thing.