File a header that contains date to org-roam-dailies

I’d like to file a header that has a date-stamp to the appropriate org-roam-dailies file. If file does not exist for date, then an org-roam-dailies file is created.

I am aware of the following but none seem to apply readily to what I want to do:

  • (org-roam-dailies-calendar--file-to-date FILE). But it seems to take a FILE, not a HEADER.
  • org-roam-refile but it does not take a parameter.
  • org-roam-dailies-find-date finds “the daily-note for a date using the calendar, creating it if necessary”. But, I’d like to feed the function a date programatically.

I created a function to allow me to insert a linked reference to a specific “daily” file. That might get you close to what you’re looking for. More info here.