How to capture to org daily under a specific heading


I was following this article to create daily journal entries, and they shared this capture template:

(setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates
      '(("d" "default" entry "* %<%I:%M %p>: %?"
         :if-new (file+head "%<%Y-%m-%d>.org" "#+title: %<%Y-%m-%d>\n"))))

How can I modify this so that the timestamped entry would be placed under a heading in the daily org file.

For example:

* Notes
** 10:00 AM: Figured out how to capture entries under the "Notes" heading!

I believe this might help; you’d need to tweak it a little.

Thanks! That worked!

Writing this here in case it helps others: I couldn’t find any documentation in the manual for the file+head+olp or even file+head target type. It turns out that the description for these is in the org-roam-capture-templates variable docstring.