The moment I get it!

I don’t know how you guys come to the idea that org-roam or any other way of organizing knowledge using Zettelkasten is probably the best way to go. I went through plenty of books, articles all around, and posts on this forum, but what finally ring a bell for me was this video I know it’s not about org-roam, but it clearly shows how that kind of system can help us deal with hard, time-consuming tasks. I think this 11 minutes video gives me more direction about what I want to achieve with org-roam and Emacs, than reading plenty of articles.

What I suggest by that is, this may be the way to get more publicity for the project simply by the show and tell, daily activities made simple by using org-roam, rather than featuring new features - which is also good for power users.

At the end of the day, most of us users, want to know what good this thing may do for us, rather than just hack around with Emacs. Practical implementations come first, as the popularity of the video above proves.

Once again thank you for your hard work.

Yeah eventually we do want to get to doing some screencasts to showcase some common workflows.