Error in tracking backlinks to headlines

A picture may describe the problem most clearly:

Headline is linked by test8 and test9, but the backlinks buffer for test7 seems all screwed up. I’ve cleared my roam-db and rebuild it but the problem remains.

I’ve also tried this with regular links, but the problem remains:

Turns out the problem was because of another package, page-break-lines-mode. Once I removed that any any package that had it as a dependency (which unfortunately included the very useful dashboard package), the backlinks buffer went back to displaying results correctly.

The new backlinks buffer in v2 won’t suffer from this sort of breakage.

Just repeating a suggestion I made in the Slack thread: customizing variable page-break-lines-modes. Try removing outline-mode from it, while keeping global-page-break-lines-mode. This should stop page break lines from influencing Org Mode (and other derived modes of Outline Mode) – my casual testing worked, but I don’t have dashboard-mode, so you might need to adjust a bit more.

I’d relaunch Emacs just in case.

Didn’t work for me, but I’m happy to just wait until v2 and then reenable dashboard then.