Backlinks title not at top of buffer

It is happening for all backlink buffers. Has anybody else encountered anything like this? (org-roam-diagnostics included in screenshot.)

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Yes. My guess is that it started happening due to this change introduced about 8 days ago – org-roam-buffer is going through some revamping by the looks of it. It might appear a little strange for now, but I don’t see any loss of functions at the moment so I am letting it be.

I would love to give Jethro and the project some time to focus on org-roam-buffer revamping effort and upcoming new design change.

If you have the means, and the sequence is more than inconvenience to you, I think you could roll back to a commit before the change happened.

:pray: Thanks for confirming & agreed re: providing time & space for v2.

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Turning off global-page-break-mode fixed the ordering issue of *org-roam-buffer* for me. This slack post gave me the clue; it also has a config you could use if your issue is the same, and you wish to continue to use page-break-mode.

For me, I just removed the pacakge – I did not need it. Perhaps worth a try on your end.

Thank you – I’ll check it out!

I am using Spacemacs and turning off (global-)-page-break-lines-mode doesn’t seem to work. I found out a workaround in case it is helpful for Spacemacs users.