Dailies directory at the same level as the org-roam directory

I would like to set org-roam-dailies-directory to the same directory as the org-roam-directory.

Question 1: In this case, how do I set the org-roam-dailies-directory in my init.el file? Do I put

(org-roam-dailies-directory "./")


(org-roam-dailies-directory ".")

since dailies directory is relative path to the org-roam-directory path.

Reason for that unorthodox setting: I am syncing my org-roam files to android for browsing with orgzly app. I also insert image files into my org-roam documents in the form of file links, where these links are relative paths to the image files. Orgzly app, in its settings, allows only one, static option for setting the relative path root directory. Thus, relative path links to image files from ~/org-roam/daily/ folder and the ~/org-roam/ differ by one directory level. Therefore I wish to get my org-roam directory a completely flat directory, in which normal org-roam documents reside side to side with the daily org-roam documents (the latter get differentiated from the former by the merit of their filename format, namely being YYYY-MM-DD.org.

Question 2: would putting the dailies directory at the same level as the regular org-roam document directory cause some issues in inner-workings of OrgRoam program?

Answering this question myself: I just tested with (org-roam-dailies-directory "./"), and the org-roam is working as good as before.

I would like to hear opinions on my second question though:

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I don’t think so, they’re the same kind of files underneath all the appearance, but wouldn’t it make things cluttered?

In my current, although limite, experience, the org-roam-node-find command does a quite good job at summoning any one of my org roam documents. Add to it, a good completion engine (scheme?) like Ivy, or other ufzzy finders, I am having no problem about reaching any of my roam docs that comes to my mind.

that’s my supposition as well.

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