Backlinks to non-roam notes

I have a small collection of notes, pre-roam, that I’d like to link to/from my roam notes.

To test, I inserted a link to a roam note in one of the non-roam notes. The backlink to the non-roam note didn’t show up in the roam-buffer (no surprise).

Should I:

  1. Move the files to the /org/roam folder?
    -Would I simply need to issue the org-roam-db-build-cache function to get the backlinks working?
    -is the database happy with this maneuver?

  2. make a new file in org-roam and copy over the contents?
    -kind of manual, but it’s only ~10 notes.

  3. Other brilliant thing?

Thanks in advance.

As a quick and easy method, yes you can just move your notes into your org-roam directory. Make sure they have a #+TITLE: at the top like other org-roam notes to make using them easier.

Once the file is in the org-roam dir, simply adding a link and saving the file should be all you need to have it be a part of the database.

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Yep, simply moving the files should work, org-roam works nicely with normal Org files.