Changing org-roam directory

Hi, just started using org-roam. The org-roam files are automatically being saved in my ~/ folder. I’d like to change this over to a different directory. Do I just move my files to the different directory, change the org-roam-directory? How do I rebuild the org-roam db (dont want to change its location) so it can access files in the new directory? Thanks!

I think this will help you Org-roam User Manual. Go to chapter 8. You should change the variable org-roam-directory. Additionally, in the beginning, there is a short tutorial to get you to start.

Thanks Evan, I changed this variable already. But I wanted to figure out how to transfer my existing notes and database to the new location

Move your files to the new directory, rebuild the db cache. You can do so with passing a universal argument to org-roam-db-build-cache (like C-u M-x org-roam-db-build-cache).

If you are on Windows, this won’t work as the db file is locked by Emacs; quit Emacs, delete the db file, relaunch Emacs, and build the db as normal.

In any case, no need to change the db file location.

Many thanks! Will do this