A word of warning [offtopic]: 11.2 Big Sur (sort of) breaks Emacs for me

For all those using Macs and running the latest Emacs version from https://emacsformacosx.com: maybe wait a bit before updating to 11.2. This update slows the start-up of Emacs down to a crawl - it takes about 10 min now.

Thanks, I don’t experience any issues.

I’m using Emacs from here though.

Completely off topic: do you use eww for this discourse forum?

@nobiot, no, I just used it to show that Emacs works :slight_smile:

Ah! I tried eww for this forum; it wasn’t easy :wink:

I’m using that repository for emacs@27 too, works without problems.

Using Doom, starts in about 3-5 seconds.

Thanks for getting back on this. Apparently the 11.2 update and my version of homebrew did not get along well. Updating homebrew appears to have fixed the issue. I’m back to a 3-5 sec normal start.