Creating a new note is very slow

I’m on Doom emacs on windows.
When I create a new note with the capture template it takes a few seconds(!) before I can edit it, during which time I get flashing (new file) and garbage collecting messages in the echo area.

Any ideas?
[video-to-gif output image]

edit to add more info:
I’ve run the profiler and this is result:


Has it started happening recently? My non-Doom Windows Emacs does not do this (version 28.1). No problem. Maybe update Doom and if that does not do anything, report the issue with their channel?

@J0ns4 are you using Emacs 29? What version of Org you’re using? I am experiencing the same problem on Mac (node creation is super slow). I’m on Emacs 29 with native-comp support and Org mode version 9.6.

It’s not particularly recent, I just got back to working with it more, so it bothers me more… I’ll try to update Doom though.

I’m on emacs 27 actually, and org 9.6