Yet another graph generator for Org-Roam

Hey all, I’ve been hacking on a slightly different variant of a graph generator frontend for org-roam: GitHub - peixian/org-roam-force-graph: Code for generating D3 force diagrams and community detection from org-roam.db.

It’s a little different (and has a lot less functionality) than org-roam-ui, since it’s not meant to be loaded side by side with your notes. Rather, it’s meant so that if you’re autogenerating notes sites for export, such as with Hugo, you should just be able to slap a static html and json file up to host it.

For example, an interactive graph of my notes are at عجفت الغور.

There’s a couple of other knobs too, like it uses a force spring layout, and does some automatic community detection, and can name the communities using your notes.