Org-roam-graph with org-roam V2

With exciting developments in org-roam V2, a question on my mind is the state of Graphing with the new version. I wonder if early-adopters can comment on their experiences with org-roam-server and graphing on V2. Your insights into what works, what doesn’t work, what is the basic config necessary to get it to perform, etc. would be most appreciated.

Org-roam-server and graphing has come up on the thread announcing org-roam-V2. That thread has grown very very long. Below are links to a few of the posts that deal with the topic. I am spinning off the topic with the hope that a more focused thread on graphic can spurn some focused feedback/input from early adopters. Thanks!


It really just won’t work yet, until org-roam-server is updated to support the new DB schema. I’m certain that it’ll be simpler though.