AI generated node connections using semantic similarity estimation

Hi, I’m new to the Org-Roam sphere, and I was learning about some new notetaking software like Notation that uses semantic similarity within notes to automatically generate connections between notes instead of manually inserting them with brackets like Roam, Org-roam, and many similar systems do.

An AI language model detects repeated ideas and increasingly highlights words based off of how often these are repeated, and then provides an easy to view related paragraphs in other notes along with a link. This seems like an extremely useful capability that would save a lot of time. I don’t think this capability is unique to Notation and I’ve seen it hinted at in similar AI powered notetaking systems.

Despite how useful this seems, I’ve grown quite attached to capabilities from Org-Mode like the in text code blocks from Org-Babel and I don’t really want to leave Org-Roam behind. I was wondering if something similar to this was implemented as an add-on to org-roam or if anyone is working on something like it.


This sounds quite interesting. Would love to see someone making something like this for Org-Roam

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