Workflow for technical books notes

Hi all,

I’d like to create notes for technical books (math, software, etc). The ZK approach is great to link ideas but I’m aiming at something a bit different.

I want to create notes which are summaries of books I read so that if I want to read it back, it greatly speeds up the reading/understanding process. Basically those notes should be like articles or very short books, following the same structure as the original book. They also have to be self contained as much as possible.

I thought about doing this :

  • Per chapter approach with a detailed summary of the concepts and approach as well as required example when they’re needed for the understanding.

  • Since those notes are more structured and should be final, have them live in a different directory than org-roam/ and access them with something like deft.

What’s your workflow in this case where the structure is stricter and the content denser than what you’d usually read?