File system like query on notes

I like to review my notes and I use the graph view or the org-roam buffer.
I am wondering if there is a way to visit notes and linked notes as if it was the file system and you are using an interface as helm or ivy.
Say you have note X that links to Y and Z and Y to A, I would like my helm-like interface to show me:
Then I right arrow
Then I can both enter or right arrow on Y: in the first case I would see the note contents and in the second I would get

I guess is easy to implement. Any chance is already there? Or maybe somebody got that working and could share it?
Otherwise I can give a try :slight_smile:

This might be close to what you want:

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This is indeed an amazing idea. I tried it and it is nice. I was thinking of something more light-weight: start from a note and see where it brings me quickly. The mode you mention also has difficulties query a big database (I got about 5k notes and it struggles a bit)

I guess your 5k notes take too long for the SQL queries, right? Depending on the output, it could also be part of the display engine which could be optimized. How long is it taking to select a single page with org-roam-find-file, is that equally long?

Anyways, it would not be too difficult to add a function which just inserts one selected item (chosen, say, from helm completion), and thus offers you a starting point. I just never thought this would be interesting.

Maybe you could do the following as a workaround: Go to the file with org-roam-find-file, then press ā€œC-d dā€ (given that delve minor mode is activated). Then a new delve buffer will open with all links and backlinks to explore, from this single page only.

thanks for your help, I am going to test your package again when v2 of org-roam comes out!
For now I solved this by making my little Elisp function: Find Org Roam notes via their relations - Where parallels cross