Video requested

Hi there

I am really wonder about although org-roam is a very useful app and popular, why no bodody casting any good video to demonstrate how to install it and use it simply. I am a beginner and not a programmer so everything is very painfull for us. For example although i installed it (in doom) and read many times user-guide i couldn´t understand how to use it. I believe that many people have same problem like me. It is like a top-secret app. All informations are partially and not comprehensive (maybe it seems simple to advanced users).

For example.
1- How should we configure (gnu, doom or spacemacs) org-roam, org noter and other basic important packages
2- How to start taking notes, todos and create tags. i watched some clips people use - tags :: and some use #+ROAM_TAGS :
3-And other important packages like deft, hem-bibtex, pdf tools, org-ref e.t.c

May be those are very simple for you but actually it is very diffucult for new starter. I hope somebody do it soon.

note: clips are very fast and cant describe which keys are used to do this function. i think clips are not so understandable. In youtube there are 2 or 3 guys videos but personally they are not so understandable. Sometimes i think in youtube there are many idiotik and stupid videos which toxicate people, but there are few videos which may be helpfull to students and academicians.


Hi there.

I’m working on a series of video tutorial, and I’m hoping to release them by the end of the month. I’ll keep people posted on this.


Thank you very much Zaeph. Thanks for your effort.