Timestamp range S-up/down cursor jump

Not sure what changed, but recently I have noticed when using S-up/down when in a timestamp range, the cursor jumps to the spot after the bracket. For example when increasing the minutes you cannot just S-up x 2 to increase the time by 10 minutes, you have to move the cursor back to the minutes section each time. This only happens in a range, not a standalone timestamp.
Any idea what is going on?

Update: Narrowed it down to ‘org-evaluate-time-range’, but still not sure what would have changed to alter the cursor behaviour.

It does not seem like an issue within Org-roam. Perhaps you might get a better response if you asked the question in Reddit (there is org mode channel) or directly in org mode’s mailing list. In both forums, the maintainers seem to be very active and respond rather surprisingly quickly to these types of queries – that’s been my outsider observation.