Removing timestamp from filename and Properties below first line

I have recently come back to Roam from being an early v1 adopter and noticing there’s been significant changes. 8-/

I’m having trouble gtting two things to work

  1. Now I’ve replaced underscores with hypens in the org-roam-find-node I am trying to figure out how to stop time timestamp/hash being written at the front
  2. Is there any way to have the Properties drawer on the second line of a file (below +#TITLE) in order to interoperate with other programs (eg. Deft).

1. Removing timestamp from filename

I’ve redefined the function (cl-defmethod org-roam-node-slug ((node org-roam-node)) to replace underscores with hypens, however using the regex there to try to replace where the timestamp/hash would be does not work, making me think that the timestamp is writtene separately from the slug. Can anyone help me with where that happens so I can change the function?

2. Can Properties be below the first line to work with org-roam?

Is there any way to force org-roam to look for Properties starting on the second line of a file rather than the first line? Most org files start with #+TITLE: and a few programs I use do not play well with org-roam’s implementation choice.
(and I actally like the second line and closed proprty draweer being Properties with the ID , the Created date, the Modified etc. and other metadata.

Much help appreciated!


For 1, check your capture template (e.g. org-roam-capture-templates) The timestamp in the file name is part of the default template.

For 2, my understanding is it’s Org mode’s syntax (refer to this section of Org 9.4 release notes) – I cannot find official documentation that states that the file-level property drawer needs to be at the beginning of a file. As the headline-level property drawer “has to be located right below a headline (refer to (info "(org) Property Syntax"))”, I think the file-level property drawer is the same – it would need to be before any other content of the file, which is the beginning of the file.

If you would like to achieve what you say you would like, you would need code your custom way that goes away from Org mode.

If this is only abut deft, search for some other posts that talk about Deft and v2 – I remember there were some exchanges of workaround. I don’t use Deft so I don’t have the URL for relevant posts.


Super helpful! Thank you so much. I went over the docs and have now got that working the way I want. Thank you. I think I need to write a blog post on how to get all my stuff working together again.

I imagine I can just get Deft to use the file name property rather than the Title (which it seems not to see or ask if there is a way to get Deft to respect the +#TITLE property in a doc (since it does scan the entire doc anyhow.

thank you! have things almost precisely where I want them now. Very helpful!

Will post dots and a blog post at some point to let people know how my system is working together.

ciao !

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