The display problem of the nodes with the same title

Hi, May I ask if you have encountered the problem. Thanks in advance.

The only one of the two nodes with the same title can be displayed in the list

While in the org-roam ui graph, the two nodes can all be displayed

Yes. I suggest you try something like this below to make each candidate displayed unique. See some other ideas in the wiki.

(cl-defmethod org-roam-node-hierarchy ((node org-roam-node))
  (let ((level (org-roam-node-level node)))
     (when (> level 0) (concat (org-roam-node-file-title node) " > "))
     (when (> level 1) (concat (string-join (org-roam-node-olp node) " > ") " > "))
     (org-roam-node-title node))))

(setq org-roam-node-display-template "${hierarchy:*} ${tags:20}")

Thanks a lot for your help. Tell me not only the answer, but the way. :clap: :+1:

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