Org-roam v2 and helm, node find doesn't fit

I’m using org-roam with helm and since the switch to v2 every node in the list I’m presented with by org-roam-node-find is too wide and overflows and wraps:

How can I adjust this so each node fits on a single line?

Try playing with org-roam-node-display-template. It has a good docstring. I’d replace/remove the default “*”

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Seems it’s a known issue and that a fix/workaround has been merged and released already :slight_smile:

I think your issue is different to the GitHub issue (I was initially involved).

Yours is about candidates not fitting in one line (it would still need to be adjusted by the template).

The GitHub issue is about invisible tags are visible (only) in Helm completion (hence, you see tags duplicated).

Well, after an upgrade to the latest version on melpa/elpa the problem is gone, so whether it’s that issue being fixed or another doesn’t really matter much :blush:

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Good to know :slight_smile:

I was having a very similar issue. I know you solved your issue, but I am leaving this here in case some one else has similar problems. A couple of things to check:

  • From long ago I had (global-visual-line-mode), and that was creating the problem (I do not need it anymore so I commented it out).

  • I use use-package and have, in my early-init.el , (setq use-package-always-defer t); in this case, or if you have defer: t in the use-package block for helm, you might want to ensure you have helm loaded before the first time you call org-roam-node-find.