Study and topical clustering and workflows

Using roam + org-roam-server - I’m starting to find larger clusters of content.
Example: computer science clusters and other fields of study.Is there a workflow, that would allow me to tag everything up to X levels of backlinks? Example: I attended 3x courses on topic Y this year. I have one index note per course (containing all the sub-notes), but some nodes are also heavily interlinked (as the content is similar). Is there tooling available for mass roam_tag assignment, based on initial node? My thinking says, that if I could tag everything up to 3 levels from the index node, then I can exclude that roam tag from the org-roam-server view, and have less topical roam_tag cluster views.Some of these tag clusters already have 500+ notes each, so automation (if auto-taggers exist already) would be key. An alternative would be for me to script this by trying to approximate the graph & linking.

An idea from the capturing side would also be to add a session tag variable.
Example use case: I open a book on topic P - I know I’ll spend the next 3 hours there, and potentially want all notes captured as topicP_tag. It would be useful to say start_session_tags. All new org-roam-captures add that tag/set of tags for new captures. Unset when exiting, or calling end_session_tags. Any other suggestions? Is this my unique workflow usecase?

As far as I know, auto-taggers aren’t quite there yet. But there are several steps in that direction:

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Thanks - I’ll have a look.

Hi @forkrul.

Maybe I didn’t understood something, but I grokked that the manual linking (if you adhere to the Zettelkasten method or some variant of it) implies curating your links and tags by hand in order to make your own order emerge from chaos…

Again, I may have missed or misunderstood something. :slight_smile:


Another example: let’s say I’m using PDF noter to work through a text book. I know for that study session, I will focus on say Computer Science - I want all tags for that session’s created notes, to be tagged “compsci” (all new notes going forward).

Second use case. I’m randomly walking through my notes (ideation phase), I have org-roam-server open, with this, I visually might see “Distance” 2 to 5 level connections. I might also be in database network view, and notice that a rather large cluster of notes formed. I’d like to be able to tag X number of notes connected to a note I select - oh, that’s a “fuzzing” cluster - tag it, oh, that’s a “qubit” related cluster - tag it.

Does this make more sense?