Show us your Org-roam/Emacs Screenshots!

This thread is created for people to showcase their Org-roam/Emacs screenshots. To help each other discover tasteful fonts, new themes, and work layouts/workflow! A place to inspire and get inspired! :kissing_heart:

A short little description of the fonts and theme used, as well as other important org packages that you like to use in conjunction with Org-roam would be much appreciated of course!

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My setup is quite simple:

  • Doom on Emacs-Plus@27 / MacOS
  • Doom One Theme / Vibrant variant
    Actually used Atom as my main editor for many years so the default theme kind of rubbed on me. Can’t seem to use any other theme. :slight_smile:
  • iA Writer Quattro S as the variable-pitch typeface
    I really like how the Quattro S is kind of in-between a monospaced and a variable pitch face. It feels a bit more nicer to the eyes when writing but it’s not too opinionated as to get distracting as is the case for some typefaces for me.