Roam UI problems with Level 2 headings with ID?


I have some level 2 headings that have an ID in their properties drawer as the only key / value pair.


Each time I click on one of them, the linked references in the sidebar run wild with uncounted duplicates.


:ID: the file ID 

* Lord of the Rings
** The Two Towers 
   :ID: the heading ID 

Causes that node to be rendered in UI like so

Linked references (1)

  • The Two Towers
  • The Two Towers

And once clicked, the fun begins. Randomly these or other links get added to the linked reference of nodes that aren’t connected to the linked context. As an example Ducktales Adventures would have Home Alone: The Musical linked. The reference count doesn’t change from the correct count though. It only adds the phantom linkage.

I’ll also file this on the Github.