Org-store-link regular org-links

Hello. New user of org-roam here. Ever since I installed org-roam, org-store-link now converts my org-heading into a node and stores an ID instead of a regular org-link. The advantage to this is that the link will always work (whereas an org-link will not once you rename the org file or have a duplicated heading in the same file). However, sometimes I want to refer to headings without having it as a node on org-roam. Is this possible?

I apologize in advance if this is not standard org-roam behavior as I mostly took my config from a tutorial without understanding each and every setting.

I suggest that you check the value of org-id-link-to-org-use-id.

Org’s user manual: Handling Links (The Org Manual)

Thanks for responding, @nobiot!

I didn’t realize that org-ids were already integral to org-mode.

I can see a definite advantage of using org-ids. Is there a way for org-ids to refer to a org-heading without having it becoming a node in org-roam?

Any file and headline with an Org-ID in org-roam-directory is by definition an org-roam node. And I do not recall a user option to configure this, so I believe you’d need to do something with Elisp code.