Recreating Roam's block-reference capabilities

I guess this question is mostly directed to @jethro, @zaeph, and others actively involved in Org-roam development: Has there been any discussion of, or any plans to, implement something akin to Roam Research’s block-reference/embed capability in Org-roam? There are of course the very impressive works-in-progress by @nobiot (here) and @Geekinney (here), but I was wondering if this sort of functionality was on the main Org-roam roadmap, or if it will always be a matter of separate packages/attempts.

My own two cents is that this is the only important way in which Roam provides greater functionality than does Org-roam, and that if a stable, mature implementation of this functionality were available, I’d basically be able to live in Emacs/Org-roam!