Does Org-Roam have Logseq-style block references?

I am quite a new Logseq user. Logseq has been the tool that opened my eye to the whole “Personal Knowledge Management” rabbit hole of internet communities.

After using Logseq for a few weeks, I also heard about org-roam. Putting aside the fact that in order to use Org-roam I would have to invest in learning Emacs (Vim user here!) - OrgMode - OrgRoam, one thing I am curious about is whether Org-Roam has Logseq style block references.

From the online videos I’ve seen about Org-Roam, it seems like it has links (backlinks) to “nodes”. These nodes, as far as I could understand, are individual note files. So, in Org-Roam, one has to link to the whole note file itself, and not just a specific paragraph, section, or block point within the note file itself.

Is this correct? Or can Org-Roam link to specific sections of a Org-Roam note file?

A node in Org-roam is a file or a headline (the section you start with a “star” or asterisk, “*”). You just need to add an ID to them. A headline is a part within a file.

Org-roam does not store any other elements within an Org file to the cache database.

If you do not need a backlink, there are other elements Org (the package that Org-roam builts on) can link to. For a quick guide, this manual page will be useful. There are many more link types that third-party packages (plug-ins) add, though they may not work with Org-roam’s backlinks.

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For the definition of node in Org-roam, refer to 5.1 The Org-roam Node in the Org-roam user manual. You can see an example and how the ID gets added to a headline.

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I am not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but from a previous discussion, I have this in my config which implements some logseq functionality: Might be useful to you