"Processing x/y files ... Org property #+roam_key cannot be empty"

Hi all, first just want to start by saying that I only started using Emacs a few months ago in order to use Org Roam; some tribulations of the expected learning curve aside, I’m so grateful for this tool and this community, whose discussions I have read and learnt from, though this is my first time posting.

This said, there’s now an issue that I’m worried may be linked to other issues. In short, when I start a fresh session of emacs, the minibuffer (it is the minibuffer, right? the single line at the bottom of the frame) says it’s processing my files. But at 56 files, it stops processing—or at least the minibuffer stops showing that it’s processing—and the message comes up, “Org property #+roam_key cannot be empty.” So I take it that there’s a note in which I’ve put in “#+roam_key” but then forgotten to enter the key. So:
0. Is this actually something to be concerned about?

  1. Is there a simple way to find that note without going through my 800+ notes individually? (I’ve looked in my org directory and opened the 57th file from top and bottom, but those aren’t the ones.)
  2. Are the files after those first 57 actually not getting processed?
  3. If so, could that be at the bottom of why syncing with Orgzly (through Syncthing) has been a mess lately, or would that likely just be a separate problem?

I’m apparently using emacs 27.1, and org roam version… well, I’m enough of a noob to also have to ask, how do I find out which version of org roam I’m using?


How about using rg package with using command line tool ripgrep?

This screen image below is coming from Ubuntu (via my WSL on Windows). I searched for “roam_key” in *.org files in my sub-directory of org-roam-directory. I have the same set up in my Windows, and works the same way. It’s clear that the second file shown is missing the value for roam_key.

I am pretty sure there is a way to just get you files with an empty value, but I don’t know regexp enough.

Also grep and the likes can be also used for this; this way, you probably don’t have to install anything extra, I guess – I am not a good user of it, so I cannot give you advice on how you might use it.

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