Org-tags completion across roam files

I am tracking data in dailies using org-tags as follows:

*** Breakfast: :porridge:banana:
*** Lunch: :brown_rice:pumpkin:
*** Supper: :toast:tomato:

To then later track the files (dates) that contain specific org-tags.

This part works perfectly with org-tags-view or helm-org-tags-view.

What I miss is a method to add tags, or ideally to complete, when the completion should consider all roam files and not just the current one.

the org command org-set-tags reads only the current buffer, and the agenda tag commands are only relevant within the agenda.

Is there a way to expand org-set-tags to the entire database? or some leads for a custom solution?

I actually found a way to insert tags by setting the variable org-complete-tags-always-offer-all-agenda-tags to true
Not completion, but that will be simple to solve now.

Would command org-roam-tag-add work for you?