Tag completion in V2

I’m thinking of migrating to V2, but before I do so I have a question about tags. One great feature of org-roam-tag-add is the availability of tag completion, which lets me quickly choose a tag. As there no longer are roam_tags in V2, I’m wondering if there is a replacement for that.

I’m going to be adding it in future commits.

This is great, thanks for the reply.

I am interested in this feature too, considering org-mode tag can not share between different files, which is common case in org-roam nodes. It will be great if org-roam can make the completion of tags shared in org-roam-directory

If you don’t code, you might like to try vulpea by @d12frosted . he has a good write-up. @d12frosted , am I right in assuming vulpea has tag completion across notes in org-roam-directory?

You are partially correct. Actually org-roam itself handles this. I have a handy wrapper to ensure that the call of org-roam-tag-add happens on the file level:

(defun vulpea-tags-add ()
  "Add a tag to current note."
  (org-with-point-at 1
    (when (call-interactively #'org-roam-tag-add)

In addition it calls vulpea-ensure-filetag, but this is “user defined” stuff that I explained in one of my blog posts.

Not sure if it worth adding to vulpea itself, if there is interest, I will :slight_smile:

P.S. Here is screenshot.

Oh i see. org-roam-tag is already available :slight_smile: Thank you @d12frosted