Org-roam suddenly can't find sqlite

My org-roam setup suddenly cannot find sqlite. I’m not sure what may have happened, but this may have happened after I switched to using a build from GitHub - jimeh/emacs-builds: Self-contained builds for macOS, with native-compilation support in nightly builds..

I’ve looked at the org-roam manual, and it talks about a bunch of libraries that I can’t find any shred of online or in my package list tools in emacs.

I.e. this section: Org-roam User Manual talks about emacs-sqlite and a number of others. I can’t find any of them. On Melpa I just see sqlite3: MELPA

So this is making me a feel a bit crazy. Is the manual out of date?

Has anyone had this happen before?

The actual error I get when I run e.g. org-roam-node-find is:

load-with-code-conversion: Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, sqlite

Your query string is misspelled. Try “emacsql” (like this), not “emacs-sqlite”. I see this:

I do not use Mac and I don’t know what “Self-contained application bundle, with no external dependencies” means but the Emacs version of this binary seems to be 28.2. Then I’d use emacsql-sqlite, which is the long-time standard of Org-roam. You would need a C compiler installed on your Mac – I guess it would be clang for macOS (?) – refer to this part of the manual. If you have used Org-roam with Intel CPU before you have moved to Apple Silicon, you would probably need to re-compile the emacs-sqlite executable file.