Upgraded org-roam, sqlite3 troubles with windows 10

I just upgraded org-roam to the latest version and the database is no longer working. I’ve been getting a “Cannot find executable “sqlite3”!” error when attempting to add org-roam links.

I am on Windows 10, using org-roam with spacemacs and used scoop to manually compile the binary for sqlite as per the installation guide here.

I think as of the latest version of org-roam sqlite3 is the new default? Does that mean I would have to install the sqlite3 package in emacs as well? I have tried, through the package install menu (but not properly adding it to my .spacemacs).

I’ve tried to add (add-to-list 'exec-path “c:/sqlite”) to my .spacemacs user-config layers after putting sqlite3.exe etc in that folder, as well as adding that to the PATH.

I can also run (executable-find “sqlite3”) and it returns “c:/sqlite/sqlite3”.

What am I missing? I’m at a bit of a loss for what else to try, I wouldn’t even mind reverting back to an older version if possible, I’ve been using org-roam a lot and it’s worked fairly seamlessly until now.

Yes, you now need the SQLite executable available at https://sqlite.org, and also the emacsql-sqlite3 package.

Not sure why you still get the error “Cannot find executable “sqlite3”!”, when you “can also run (executable-find “sqlite3”) and it returns “c:/sqlite/sqlite3””.

I would have thought installing emacsql-sqlite3 was automatic, but perhaps spacemacs has its own way of managing packages (I have no idea about spacemacs)? It’s a different sqlite3 package from when we had to compile our own executable, so you might need a separate installation.