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I haven’t been able to find another issue exactly like this but I apologize if I’ve missed something and this is a repeat. I love using org-roam and org-roam-server but I have an issue when I click on a node in the org-roam-server view. It will launch into emacs but it looks like it is not evaluating the path and filename correctly and is leaving in html characters which seems to confuse emacs so it thinks it’s a new file.

Thought I’d see if anyone here has any ideas what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!
Screenshot from 2021-02-22 16-13-53

It looks like org-protocol and org-roam-protocol are not loaded. From my experience, specifically require them helps.

Also… ensure you have set up org-roam-protocol (this, you might have done correctly):

Just a quick follow-on from my previous comment. If both protocols are loaded, and set up correct, and you still get this problem, try upgrading Org to 9.4 at least. There is a lengthy debugging exchange somewhere in this forum (me involved). To cut the long story short, version 9.3 contains some issue with dealing with incoming path as text string; 9.4 fixes it, as far as the use for org-roam-protocol with a browser is concerned.

Thanks, I wasn’t specifically requiring org-protocol so I’ve added that and updated to latest org and org-roam. Will keep futzing with it. I appreciate the pointers!