Org-Roam-Server "issue"

What I want to achieve:
org-roam-server should load corresponding window / frame

What I have:

  • Windows10
  • Emacs 27.096 Win-client
  • Installed org-roam org-roam-server
  • Standard config from manual pages org-roam
  • Calling org-roam-server-mode works fine and shows anything I want it to show
  • Even “Database”, “Buffer” view automatically follows my actions in the emacs client


  • Each click on a node in the page opens a new frame of Emacs
  • And tries to open a file from the wrong path like so: c:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft/Edge Dev/Application/85.0.538.0/org-protocol:/roam-file/?file=c%3A%2FUsers%2FJochenBurkhard%2FiCloudDrive%2FiCloud~com~appsonthemove~beorg%2Forg%2F2020-06-04.or
  • Since Emacs is already opening, do I even need org-roam-protocol
  • And if, HOW to do it on Windows?

Thank you in advance for your insight and support and greetings,