Org-roam on an e-ink paper tablet

I recently again stumbled across paper tablets with e-ink display like the reMarkable 2.
The reMarkable runs Linux and apparently has quite a large FOSS community.
I would love to have such a device that lives between having to have a laptop all the time, and an inferior org experience on my phone.
Pine64 is currently also developing the PineNote, a 10" Linux e-ink tablet.

Has anyone thought about that or knows about a project that supports that?

If there is interest in the community this could also be a nice project to start.
Some thoughts on what would be necessary to make this work.

  • Installing GUI emacs. this should work as it’s a Linux tablet. Don’t know if it runs X
  • decent stylus/pen integration in emacs with a context menu for navigation
    (on-screen keyboard might be sufficient for navigation.)
  • Touch gestures mapping. For example actions in org-agenda or indenting headlines.
  • Take notes with the pen
    • store it as a picture and separately create links to other notes.
    • handwriting to text conversion
    • integrate with the default/another drawing handwriting app/interface?

I think the actual note taking part would be the most difficult and kinda forces emacs to divert from its keyboard-centric philosophy.

I’d like to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas.


I got a development version a while ago, but I haven’t had time to work on it. X works fine so far and keyboard-based handling of emacs should fine as well, but developing a touch-based / pen-based interface is going to be a whole different story. I plan on using it mostly for reading and annotating PDFs (perhaps using xournalpp or a modified version of KOReader), and synchronising those so they’re linked in my bib files. I’m not sure where to go from there, but I will see how it goes and report back once I’ve got around to it.

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