Demo: Org-Roam on PinePhone (linux-based smartphone)

I made a little video trying out Org-Roam on a Pine64 PinePhone (2020 model with newly installed postmarketOS linux distribution with a SXMO user interface). See below.

From my initial testing Org-Roam seems to work great on the PinePhone :slightly_smiling_face: (though I haven’t tested it with a large collection of notes). Otherwise, it tends to be a very slow device, unbearably slow with many applications.
On the desktop for note-taking I use deft, markdown mode, and some custom functions to keep my notes compatible with Obsidian. But for instance deft is unbearably slow on the pinephone, where each typed letter shows up after a delay of a couple seconds in deft (with about 300 notes files).

Could be a fun little device for note-taking on the go :smile: Will have to explore how usable it really is.


In end of day, we will need a stand alone app for org-agenda atleast; as linux for mobile keeps growing