Org roam node insert fuzzy

I was recently made aware of the fact that doom emacs implements a way to implement regex search inside org-id links itself, I translated the functions to vanilla and created a wrapper script with consult-org-heading to automate insertion of these fuzzy links. This way there is no necessity to create ID for headings – even those that I want to refer to because I can trivially do

[[id:<idvalue>::*Heading-name]] and it would automatically link to that heading inside the file where the ID originates from.

I have been told that org-ql and embark can make my life a lot easier – but I dont use those packages, so I have to come up with hacky ways to get job done.

This will reduce the need to create unnecessary IDs for linking.

;; requires consult-org-heading
(defun org-roam-node-insert-fuzzy ()
  "Insert a new Org Roam note with fuzzy search."
  (goto-char (point-min))
  (let ((node-id (org-entry-get nil "ID")))
    (message "node-id: %s" node-id)
    (let ((headline-text (org-get-heading t t t t)))
      (message "headline-text: %s" headline-text)
      (org-mark-ring-goto 1)
      (message "[[id:%s::*%s][%s]]" node-id headline-text headline-text)
      (insert (format "[[id:%s::*%s][%s]]" node-id headline-text headline-text))

;; no dependencies
(defun org-id-open--support-search (fn link &optional arg)
  "Support ::SEARCH syntax for id: links."
  ;; Save match data to prevent modifications by string matching functions.
    ;; Split the link at the '::' delimiter.
    (let* ((parts (split-string link "::"))  ; Split the link into parts.
	   (id (car parts))                  ; Extract the ID part.
	   (search (cadr parts)))            ; Extract the search part.
      ;; Execute the original function and perform search operations.
      ;; Return the normal id for future compatibility
      (prog1 (funcall fn id arg)
	;; Conditionally execute additional actions based on the search part.
	     (cond ((null search))                                   ; Do nothing if search part is null.
		   ((string-match-p "\\`[0-9]+\\'" search)           ; If search part is a number.
		    (forward-line (string-to-number search)))        ; Move N lines after the ID.
		   ((string-match "^/\\([^/]+\\)/$" search)          ; If search part is a regex match.
		    (let ((match (match-string 1 search)))           ; Extract the match string.
		      (save-excursion (org-link-search search))      ; Search for the match.
		      (when (re-search-forward match)                ; When match is found.
			(goto-char (match-beginning 0)))))           ; Move point to the match.
		   ((org-link-search search)))))))                   ; Otherwise, perform org-link-search.

;; Add Advice around id open functions
(advice-add 'org-id-open :around #'org-id-open--support-search)
(advice-add 'org-roam-id-open :around #'org-id-open--support-search)


  • Fixed a typographic error which resulted in ::number not resolving properly