Org-roam major redesign

I love the idea. If I understand it correctly, this means every subtree with an ID will be cached in org-roam db and treated as its own atomic note.

Does this mean that each node/subtree-with-ID will appear as its own node in graph (via org-roam-server)? That would be fantastic!

I’ve been using org and org-id for 1.5 years and have highly inter-linked subtrees across 4-5 very long org files. It sounds like org-roam v2 will be able to take this structure and generate graphs through org-roam-server.

Will this unify roam-tags with regular org-tags?

How will this affect org-id? I believe org-id currently catalogs the names of org files and the IDs they contain. It is kept in a file (.something file in .emacs.d, I believe) to serve as a look-up table (I assume).

Thanks for building org-roam v2. I look forward to trying it when it is available (is it already?)