Org-roam can't handle moving headlines between files

Let’s say I have “Headline1” in file Test1, and I use org-store-link (with org-id-link-to-org-use-id set to t so as to force UUIDs) to create a link to “Headline1” in file Test2. My understanding of org-id.el is that it will create an entry in the .org-id-locations file associating the “Headline1” UUID with Test1. But if I move all of the “Headline1” subtree (e.g., by using the org-cut-subtree command) to file Test3, the .org-id-locations file will not be updated, even if I save all files and restart Emacs (I’ve tested this). In addition, Org-roam won’t update the backlinks buffer for Test1 and Test3. It will still show Test1 as having a backlink from Test2, and it won’t show Test3 as having a backlink from Test3.

The broader question is this: how robust is Org-roam about dealing with moving things with UUIDs from file to file? Is this something that will be addressed in v2?

Just copying the same thing I put in Slack.