Org-Roam for all Org files?


I’m pretty new to org-roam, org-mode, emacs and zettlekesten in general (I have used Roam Research for a while now, but I don’t use it for zettlekesten really).

I am wondering if there are any disadvantages to having my main org-mode files augmented by org-roam. By this, I mean the ability to ad IDs to each heading and cross-reference sections with ease.

I see the main benefit of this being:

  1. features such as backlinks, graph UI
  2. large org files for use with org-agenda (performance)

On top of this, since you can assign per-directory org-roam settings (directory + db location), it would be possible do do this while still keeping the default /roam directory for zettlekesten if desired.

My main question is if there are any drawbacks to this I’m not seeing? Again, I’m not too concerned about zettlekesten (as I don’t yet understand how it helps me).

I am not sure if I have fully understood the intent of your question but let me try to put my response.

Logically there should be no disadvantages.

This is because Org-roam + Org is a superset of Org; you lose none of Org features. You may wish some Org feature augmented by Org-roam when another is — e.g. you may wish file links could be backlinks when only ID links can be. But that’s not a disadvantage of Org-roam over Org.

I am guessing the intent of your question is something different.

No, that pretty much answers my question. Just wanted to make sure there were no downsides to using org-roam with larger files than the whole one thought per note that seems to be the standard.


If you are using org-roam, whenever a buffer is saved, this function is executed. It iterates through all links in the current buffer and do more things. This implies that if you have a big Org Mode file, you will notice some delay before each save.

To avoid that problem, I store each Org Roam node in a separated file.