Performance Testing

I’m loving org-roam, and, like many here, care about the longevity of my note system. With my habits (e.g. making nodes for most humans I interact with), I could easily end up with 10,000+ nodes in a few years. If that’s unlikely to be workable with org-roam, it would be good to know!

After searching through the code / tests / GH issues / Slack, I found very little info on the scalability of org-roam’s current implementation. I thought it would be good to aggregate info here, and make GH issues (e.g. scaling tests) as-needed.

Some things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. at ~500 nodes, most core operations are snappy for me
  2. running org-roam-insert on a new entity takes ~3-5 seconds until the link is inserted.
  3. I imported ~400 more nodes from Roam yesterday, and had no noticeable slowdown.
  4. Tangentially related: org-agenda can’t handle large numbers files, so I’ve been using capture templates with backlinks to workaround this. This is unfortunate, since interspersing TODOs directly in the nodes is a great Roam feature IMO.

Is anybody operating at near the 10,000 node scale?

I’m unable to test this myself, but one of the founders of has made available an archive of 10,000 markdown files for this type of stress-testing:

@dangirsh, @cobblepot, I was going to do a quick test to prepare a reponse to this exchange; it turned out to be a rather lenghty write-up for that purpose. So I created a separate post; you might find some data and my conclusion useful: What does it feel like to work with 10,000 notes in Org-roam: Benchmarking Org-roam's search methods. Thank you, @cobblepot, for the link. It was very useful.

Thanks for the details write-up + video @nobiot!

This gives me peace-of-mind for now.

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Just hit another snag: Org’s refile mechanism seems too inefficient to directly use on the entire set of org-roam files. Has anybody had success with this?

Most of Org-mode breaks down with both a large number of files, as well as with files that are large (e.g. org-agenda). That said, moving things around is a bit of an anti-pattern in the Zettelkasten method. Luhmann typically writes a note, assigns it an ID and files it away without editing them later on.

That’s fair @jethro . Perhaps this wasn’t your intent, but I’ve been using org-roam as a graph layer on top of Org for various use-cases, including journaling, pdf notes, code prototyping, and personal CRM.

The Zettelkasten method was only one of many use-cases for RoamResearch. Maybe if the package was named org-zettel, I wouldn’t have tried to do everything with it :wink:

Hello @dangirsh.

In my case, I use the usual wiki approach: tag the task with a link to the state (like “Pendiente”). So, in the node “Pendiente” there are backlinks to every pending task. This is not as efficient as org-agenda since there are no remote editing capabilities or filtering, but since I have not so many tasks opened, it’s enough for me.

I hope this solution could be useful for others… :slight_smile:

Best regards…