Advice for relocating files

When all files are located in org-roam-directory and I want to use a tag extraction method other than prop (as documented in Tags) that means I need to relocate the respective org files. Is there a mechanism to do so while preserving all file links to that file?

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If you rename the file in Emacs (I use dired for this) the links will be updated.

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Note that ‘renaming’ also includes moving the files to a sub-directory. As long as you do the moving from within Emacs, e.g., with dired, Org-roam will work in the background to update all the links in your org-roam-directory pointing to the old files.

Thank you both for the quick replies. Renaming with dired is convenient and org-roam picking that up itself is neat!

should this work properly also in org-roam v2? I want to move notes into a sub-directory.

Try moving one file and see what happens yourself. If I remember correctly, the ID links should just work as they did before the move.

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Just wanted to update that I checked this, and this indeed works: moving the file to a sub-folder does not break anything.