Org Roam Buffer do not refresh automaticly

vanila Emacs 27.1
org-roam 2.2.2

If my cursor is in heading A, and then I run org-roam-buffer-toggle, the org-roam buffer appears as expected.
Then if I move my cursor to heading B, the org-roam buffer still stays at the backlink of heading A.

Is it suppose to refresh the org-roam buffer automatically?

I suggest you check the variable ‘post-command-hook’ within your org-roam note buffer. You should see value (org-roam-buffer--redisplay-h t) is set; it should be set buffer-locally.

If not, the most likely cause is that you have not turned on org-roam-db-autosync-mode. You can see it done in the third line from the bottom in the configuration example in README.

Thank you for your reply.

And I find out the cause by your diagnosis methods.

I open my automatically when I open emacs. And it seems that because my org-roam start only after I run org-roam related commmands, so that the start before the org-roam.

Then if I start org-roam first and start org file later. It will be ok.

Thank your help again.