Backlinks buffer doesn't update according to current node + node IDs are shown in the backlinks buffer

I have two issues:

  1. the backlinks buffer stays on the node from which it was invoked (with org-roam-buffer-toggle)
  2. the buffer itself shows the node IDs along with their title, like so:

Any ideas?

  1. Check post-command-hook variable; it should have org-roam-buffer--redisplay-h set locally for your Org-roam files (local-variable) – I can’t reproduce the issue

    If you have the hook correctly set up and still have an issue, check if something fails silently (I’d check the message buffer or echo – C-h e). If this is not the case, I’d do edubg for org-roam-buffer--redisplay-h

  2. Known issue with a resolution – it seems to be a common issue from a new, unreleased version of Org

I see the hook is not set properly… how do I set it just for org roam files?

The solution for IDs worked perfectly (for posterity):

I believe it should be done by activating org-roam-db-autosync-mode? Can’t verify now

It is in fact enabled already

when I call org-roam-buffer-refresh I get

cl–assertion-failed: Assertion failed: (derived-mode-p 'org-roam-mode)

I dont’t know if that’s a relevant function, but that error seems off…

Somehow your org-roam-buffer is not open with org-roam-mode (major mode)? Your config may be interfering by the looks of it…

This function is one you call in the backlinks buffer (org-roam-buffer), not in the note. It should be mapped “g” by default. You may be calling it from the notes buffer…