Org roam buffer and headlines as nodes

With the cursor located on a headline with id, org roam buffer dont show backlinks…then it is necessary to go to the beginning of the file to actually see what bakclinks exist to this file…
Shouldn’t the file appear as a backlink of that (headline) node to be able to follow it or is something wrong in my workflow?

Then… perhaps the headline with an ID your cursor is on is a different node from the one at the file level. The file-node has some backlinks and the heading-node has no backlink. Then the behavior you observe would make sense to me.

Do you see different titles in the org-roam-buffer?

“Do you see different titles in the org-roam-buffer?” Yes.
Headline node: nothing, just headline title
File node: file title and backlinks
“The file-node has some backlinks and the heading-node has no backlink” Exactly.

Isn’t the top level headline node supposed to have a backlink to the file node it’s located on, and should that be seen in the org-roam buffer?

  • Top level headline → backlink to file node
    ** Second level → backlink to top level
    *** Third level → backlink to second level

No. Each node, whether it is a file- or headline-node, is independent from each other. The fact that a file includes headlines or headlines are hierarchically structured is not automatically reflected as backlinks. These are not links…


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