Org roam backlinks appearing with id

The org roam links in the org roam buffer are appearing with their IDs for some reason. Has anyone ever faced this before? Can you guys help me fix this?

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I think it’s related to this (fix): links not displayed properly in org-roam-buffer by ntharim · Pull Request #2236 · org-roam/org-roam · GitHub

It’s probably caused by the version of Org that you have (perhaps via Doom).

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: That fixed it right away! Cheers

Could you describe how this fixed it for you? I’m running a brand new doom (re)install. Org 9.6 (5a49cc5) and Org-roam latest (7f453f3) but I’m still seeing the issue with links in the org-roam buffer. I do not see the issue with Org 9.5.3.

I just added the below line to my config.el:
(setq org-fold-core-style "overlays")

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That worked perfectly for me (org 9.6), thank you!

Cheers mate