Org-init-roam-h error after upgrading org-roam in Doom

After a call to doom upgrade in which org-roam has been updating, when I restart Emacs the first time, I get this error:

Error (org-load-hook): Error running hook "+org-init-roam-h" because: (error Selecting deleted buffer)
Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading ‘/Users/greg/.emacs.d/init.el’:

Error in a Doom startup hook: org-load-hook, +org-init-roam-h, (error Selecting deleted buffer)

To ensure normal operation, you should investigate and remove the
cause of the error in your initialization file.  Start Emacs with
the ‘--debug-init’ option to view a complete error backtrace.

If I quit and then restart again, the error goes away.

Has anyone else seen this?

Doom version:

Doom emacs	v21.12.0-alpha   HEAD -> develop f0ba6c99b 2021-11-25 17:05:42 +0100
Doom core	v3.0.0-alpha     HEAD -> develop f0ba6c99b 2021-11-25 17:05:42 +0100

Doom init.el:

       (org +roam2 +noter)

org-roam version: