Node find after v2 upgrade doesn't find anything

Apologies if this was already answered. I’ve been poking around on and off for a week or so and haven’t found anything the seems to address it so I thought I’d ask. I ran through the update wizard to v2 and after a few hiccups things seem to be working great in that all my notes have properties with IDs and the links in old files work. What I can’t get to work is when I do org-roam-node-fine, it doesn’t find any of the old files, maybe one or two here and there. I’ve tried rebuilding the cache but that hasn’t helped. Any other ideas or something simple I’m just missing? Thanks!

Very difficult to point to what’s really causing the issue when IDs and ID links are working.

You say you’ve rebuilt the cache, but I’d suggest to delete the db file in OS and then try db-sync to see if that changes anything.

If you say you’ve already done this, or it does not work after trying it again, I would have no idea.

Whelp. . . looks like another case of user error on my part.

Maybe I’m wrong but when I used to use completion, I was able to type a part of the note title (file name at the time too) and case didn’t matter and it would find it. Now, case matters and I have to start with the beginning of the title.

I’m sure there are ways around this that I can go find / figure out. Thanks @nobiot and community to all the help you provide here. Just having somewhere to have a discussion keeps me going.

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Even more important, finally figured out that I wasn’t using ivy right anymore. Once I figure that I need to add (ivy-mode) to init.el now it’s all back to working. Thought I’d add that in here just in case there’s anyone else like me stumbling along feeling dumb.

Feels like I got my brain back now! With this finally sorted, quite happy with V2.

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